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woman in front of an old post office somewhere in the west. she is wearing a white dress and a brown agnoulita bolero hat

Customize to Get Exactly What You Want

Create Your Look with Our Women's Western Hats Collection


Quality You Can Count On

Our western hats are made with quality materials and craftsmanship for durability and maximum style. We believe that quality isn’t something you should have to compromise on, which is why we offer premium and fully customizable western hats for women that can be tailored to your exact specifications. 


Make a Statement

Our western hats for women provide both fashion and function, allowing you to make a statement while also staying shielded from the elements. Whether you’re after something stylish or functional (or both!), our quality customized western hats won’t let you down and ensure your look stands out from the rest.


Get Exactly What You Want

Our collection of women's western hats allows you to create the perfect look that’s all your own. With our fully customizable hats, you can choose the size, color, shape, and type of band that best suits you. With these features, you’ll get exactly what you’re after in terms of quality and style — oh-so-satisfying!



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