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A photo reporter walking through with a black Agnoulita hat protecting him from the sun

Modern-Day Frontiersmen

Get Ready for Any Adventure with the Frontier Hat Collection

Protection from the Elements

Our Frontier collection of handmade hats is perfect for any modern-day frontiersman who is ready to brave the elements.

Our hats are designed to provide protection from wind, rain, and scorching sun, so you can stay cool and collected on your journey.

A chin cord finishes off this daring look, ensuring stability as you take on any midnight ride.

Crafted with Quality Materials

Each hat in the Frontier collection is with durable and long-lasting felt that is designed to last through any weather conditions.

We use premium construction to ensure that each hat is as strong as possible and able to keep you comfortable and protected on your journey.

Perfect for Any Adventure

Whether you are going on a long hike, a night ride, or just taking a stroll, you can be confident your hat will keep you comfortable and protected no matter what the weather throws your way.

Here's to never letting anything ruin your journey ahead!


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