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Create your custom Agnoulita hat today

Quality Handmade Custom Hats at an Affordable Price

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Discover the Art of the Perfect Fit

Enjoy the feel of a made to measure hat with two additional sizing options between the conventional hat sizes, in two head shapes, to guarantee the most comfortable fit

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Customize Each and Every Detail

Our custom hats offer you the chance to unleash your creative spirit. Whether you want a classic look or something more daring, you can create a hat that is truly unique and reflects your individual style

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Enjoy Luxury Without the Price Tag

Experience the finest materials and expert craftsmanship without breaking the bank. We craft each hat with great precision and attention to detail, ensuring a luxurious feel and look that you can cherish for years

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Women's Collection

dapper looking western style Agnoulita hat

Men's Collection

The Agnoulita Hats Collection

Our hat collection is dynamic!

It is the embodiment of our customers' aspirations and self-expression.

An inspiring reminder that we all have a unique story to tell - one worth celebrating!

What's your story? Share it with us with a unique custom hat and become a part of our community of hat lovers.

Beautifully made, wonderfully packaged, and the shipping was surprisingly fast. My husband and I will be repeat customers.

Rochelle Dupre
ETSY Customer

This is just a perfect hat. Gorgeously made, stunning custom colours and trims to choose from. Thank you so much.

Melissa Bellanta

The custom hat was impeccable and I can’t believe how quickly it was made and shipped. I truly appreciate the craftsmanship!

Misha Nesselrod
ETSY Customer

I currently have six hats -- three fedoras and three homburgs -- from this manufacturer and I am 100% satisfied with all of them. Abundance of items that can be customed -- crown height, brim width, hat colour, grosgrain ribbon colour and width, etc. -- and extremely user-friendly customer service, ... I am indeed an admirer of the HNC Hatworks and its staff. Thank you! P.S. About the photo: In front of the altar of a local shrine with an "Agnoulita Homburg" in the hand.

Yoshihisa Nagata

I love this hat! I want the spring to come so I can wear it!

Klara Bergh

Like Always : A perfect hat with all I wanted. My 5th purchase here, and one of my best from Agnoulita !!!

Yoann Turpin
VIP Customer

LOVELY hat. Had the color of the lining personalized, and asked for a black band. It was a gift for my friend and y’all, it’s so beautiful. Exceptional quality, and I was happy it came with a storage box 👍👍 look how happy he is with his hat.

Nina Lowrance

I LOVE THIS HAT! I have to catch myself from just keeping it on everywhere except bed! Maybe that’s because of the quality of the hat and the fact that you can customize just about everything you can imagine a hat to be and they nailed it for me! The picture isn’t the best of me and doesn’t do the hat justice but I really think anyone who orders from these guys will be very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of their personalized hat! This is my second hat and I’m going to keep it for everyday and definitely plan to order from them again! The only limit here is your imagination!

hat lover

I’ve ordered 2 fedoras from this vendor and plan to get more. These hats are high quality, fit perfectly, and I appreciate the fact they have a wide variety of colors to choice from that are not found with most other companies.

Repeat Buyer

The quality is unmatched. It’s so staid and elegant, but stands out. I get a compliment on it every. Single. Day. That I wear it out. I’ve wanted this hat for 6 years, and finally decided the time was right. I want more, and have no idea why I would ever buy a hat from somewhere else. I’ll be a lifelong customer.

Pasha Maddox
etsy customer

This a great looking hat. The workmanship is excellent and it fits perfectly. It comes with a nice hat box as well. I am completely satisfied and will be buying from Agnoulita again.

Hat Wearer

Excellent attention and service, response and delivery without problems, The hat is extremely beautiful! Completely to my liking, one hundred percent satisfied customer!

Luis Fernando Oceguera Ramírez

Top workmanship, fits perfectly and comes closer to the Indiana Jones Fedora hat than anything I have seen so far. I am more than satisfied!

Indiana Jones Enthusiast

Excellent quality hat, I am delighted with the fedora both the quality and the craftsmanship. The sturdy hat box was a nice surprise. Will definetely be purchasing another hat

Berry Burgess

Super quality hat, very nice replica of the One From Indiana Jones, I love it, I highly recommend.

Henri Haimard
Indiana JONES enthusiast

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Our Story

Discover Agnoulita, a hat brand created from a burning love affair and the alluring beauty of hats.


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